In its journey, social media is not only an online communication tool only. There are a lot of social media benefits that can be felt by users, especially for business owners.What are the benefits of social media? Here’s the explanation.

1. Customer service through social media

Anyone will make a complaint when facing something that goes wrong. Now times have changed. If the first complaint is more delivered over the phone, the reason is because social media is more practical, does not take pulses tens of thousands, and also faster read by the admin.

Unfortunately many of the business owners who still do not know the benefits of social media monitoring as a support customer service …
… they only focus on improving branding and marketing through social media only.
While the complaints and customer questions on social media just ignored.

2. Product Development

Through social media, we can know what kind of products desired by consumers. In fact we can know the trends and competition of products that exist in the market.

Feedback in the form of suggestions and criticisms on social media can be the basis for business owners to develop the latest products.

In addition, social media users can also be a good tester and quality control for your business.
Some of them will convey bugs and other problems related to your product, of course it is very profitable is not it?

Now You Know The Benefits, So Why Should We Use Social Media?

Looking at some of the social media benefits mentioned above, then it is time for business owners to pursue and explore social media marketing.
Based on data as of January 2016, active users of social media in Indonesia have reached 79 million people with a 10% increase compared to last year. This of course makes social media a marketing platform that should be considered by business owners.

From the data above, the point is that marketing through social media is able to reach a wide market but at an affordable cost.
For small business owners, the most profitable of how to market on social media is as a cheap promotional medium and how to increase engagement most effectively. With a single viral post on social media for business your product can be recognized by millions of people.